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The Matt Edwards Band

The Matt Edwards Band

Date/Time - 20/07/2017 from 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

The Matt Edwards Band

copyright vanessa champion

copyright vanessa champion

Matt Edwards has been appeared at the Blues Bar several times as a guest with other bands and at our Christmas Blues Brew. Matt is an immensely talented guitarist. Matt is a songwriter/vocalist/guitarist that stands out in the UK Blues scene. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist he is inspired by a huge wealth of musical genres. From blues to rock, jazz and funk to folk – his style of writing showcases subtle flavours from all styles and gels them into a strong Alternative Blues Rock offering.

Andy Norris – DRUMS

Joining up with Matt Edwards in early 2013 Andy Norris plays with touch,feel and gives a heavy groove which lends itself perfectly to Matt’s natural style.

Andy has played in numerous bands across the UK ranging from hard rock to reggae giving a solid backbone and dynamics.
Since finishing at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) he aims to focus on specific projects and form a reputation as a go to drummer.

Pete Thomas – BASS GUITAR

Pete is the latest member to join the band arriving in March 2015.
An experienced Bassist he is a proficient blues player complementing Matt’s guitar and vocals perfectly and linking seamlessly with Andy’s Drumming.

A graduate of Newcastle College of Performing Arts he is equally at home playing Jazz, Folk and rock – often with his trusty double bass.

Listen to them here.

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